Embroidered Golf Bag Tags

Golf bag tags are one of those items that folks who aren't big on golf don't always understand. Not only is a tag helpful for picking your own bag out of the crowd (and, by extension, preventing mix-ups), but they're a way to express your individuality and serve up a signature look. Unfortunately, many tags available “off the rack" look cheap and generic, and it's always a challenge to find one that truly suits you. Meanwhile, custom, made-to-order tags are usually prohibitively expensive and require a buyer to purchase several at once.

At Embroidery Graphix, we recognized the demand for personalized tags. And we've answered the call with our new line of leather bag tags! Our tags are fully customizable with the same fine, detailed embroidery that our company is known for, and they're guaranteed to last a lifetime. These badges are a great gift for the golf enthusiast in your life…or can serve as impressive promotional items for your clients and business associates.

Of the Highest Quality

Nearly every long-time golfer can relate to the frustration of getting to the end of an 18-hole round and suddenly noticing that their flimsy, plastic bag tag is missing. In most cases, this means either retracing their steps through the entire course to try to find it, or just replacing the tag altogether. In other words, when a tag goes missing, you're forced to choose between wasting time or wasting money. The only real solution, then, is to use a tag that's built to last—and stand up to the elements.

Embroidery Graphix doesn't deal in shoddy workmanship or cheap trinkets. We only make top-notch tags won't look out-of-place next to a set of premium golf clubs. Each tag is made of genuine leather and surgical steel—two materials that combine to create an extremely durable, steadfast, and attractive final product—and are assembled in Texas. Normal wear-and-tear is simply no match for them - show off your cart and your clubs.

One of a Kind

We understand that tags should be unique. That's why there's no minimum order size on our custom golf bag tags. Whether you want to order one piece or one hundred pieces, you'll be able to get a tag (or tags) made to your exact specifications. So get a matching set for you and all of your golf buddies, or be the only one in your social group to have a custom design!

(Note: a $25 “setup" fee is standard on all of our golf tag orders. However, this fee is waived on orders of six pieces or more. Please speak to a sales representative for more information about buying in bulk.)

What About Disc Golf?

In addition to normal golf bags we also make disc golf bag tags. Customize and personalize your bag to stand out from your group or get a custom leather gift for a friend. Our tags are made of all natural leather and are durable enough to last while looking great!

Keep in mind that, when it comes to our tags, personalization isn't limited to just a set of initials or a basic symbol. Embroidery Graphix offers in-house digitizing services, which enables us to render a company logo, family crest, color, or name as a digital “pattern" that's readable by commercial embroidery machines. Once an image has been digitized, placing it on golf tags (and other accessories) is a snap. Our company has gained a reputation over the years for clean, efficient needlework and steadfast stitching that always yields a beautiful final product. You'll be happy to show off your custom tag every time you step foot on the course!

Embroidery Graphix is your one-stop shop for all of your embroidery and accessory customization needs, including personalized golf bag tags. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!