Logo Digitizing

Question: What is logo digitizing?
Answer: The first—and most important—step in embroidering your logo onto apparel and other accessories!

Logo digitizing refers to the process by which an image or slogan is converted into a “pattern" that an embroidery machine can read. Upon completion, the pattern is saved as a digital file. And when it's time to put your design onto a promotional item or garment, the machine operator simply tells the embroidery device to follow the digital file that corresponds to your logo. The end result is a beautiful, full-color image made out of thread—one that's sewn strongly and cleanly onto your item of choice.

In the old days, folks would embroider designs by hand. Embroidery digitizing, however, is the current industry standard. When paired with state of the art machinery, this technique helps ensure optimum results for a fraction of the cost of hand-stitching. Whether you need logo digitizing and placement on one shirt or one thousand shirts, every piece of fancy needlework will look identical—and absolutely beautiful.

No Strings Attached

One of the greatest benefits of the digitization process is that the resulting pattern can be used over and over again on a variety of objects and types of fabric. Your embroidery design stitched onto shirts, hats, backpacks, towels—the possibilities are nearly endless. And if you're not sure what type of item would best suit your logo or digitized design, then opt for free-standing applique patches. Your clients, employees, or supporters can place them wherever THEY see fit!

We Can Do It All

Every digitizing vector art project begins with converting your design into a vector graphic. If you have a vector version of your logo on hand, we'll happily use it. If you don't have a vector version of your logo, though (or aren't sure what a “vector graphic" is), then don't fret: we also provide vector services for our clients. So give us a scalable graphic file on a flash drive or a doodle on a napkin—we'll work with whatever you have!

Cut from the Same Cloth

All of our embroidery digitizing services are handled in-house. We never outsource to third parties. And we pride ourselves on providing clients with clean, efficient work. That means no extra stitches to drive up the cost of your piece, and no shortcuts that will compromise the look and durability of the end result. Our experts will create a digitized work that is true to your signature colors and iconography. We can incorporate 3D elements to make your design really “pop," as well.

See It In Print

Logo embroidery digitizing isn't all our company computers are good for. Be sure to ask us about our digital screen printing services. A cutting-edge alternative to traditional embroidery or even traditional screen printing, digital screen printing enables us to print a design directly onto a piece of fabric like it's a piece of paper with our embroidery machines. Consult with a Embroidery Graphix employee to determine whether or not this option is the right choice for your project.

Embroidery Graphix is your one-stop shop for all of your embroidery digitizing and logo vector conversions. Contact us today to learn more about what we can digitize for you!