Promotional Apparel and Clothing

When ordinary people go to tradeshows and other events, it's not uncommon for them to collect a large number of fliers, pamphlets, and cards from the various businesses and organizations in attendance. Unfortunately, most of these paper promotional materials will wind up in the recycling bin within a day or two—they just don't have much staying power. So, instead of putting your company name and logo on an object that will likely be discarded by the end of the day, why not put it on something that potential customers will want to keep?

At Embroidery Graphics, one of our specialties is promotional items. Whether you need small knick-knacks for everyday use or a beautiful garment to show off a team uniform, our offerings will impress your customers and put your brand name on everybody's lips!

Superior Apparel Selection

Our extensive catalog of customizable items enables our clients to pick the best option for publicizing their unique business. Promotional polo shirts are a classic choice, but if you run a swim school, then a towel embroidered with your company name may be a more logical option. An apron can promote a restaurant supply firm, and headbands and sweatbands are perfect for gyms and fitness centers. T-shirts, totes, or socks—whatever you need, we can make it happen. And if you're not sure which item best captures your company's spirit, opt instead for free-standing embroidered logo patches. Patches can be applied to bags, hats, and other apparel—or simply displayed as a fun, unique works of art!

Write a Story

People love getting things for free, and they love winning stuff even more! Thus, embroidered logo merchandise makes an ideal prize for raffles, silent auctions, and other contests. The person who leaves with your merchandise in hand will have a fun story to share when their friends ask, “Where did you get that?" And you'll enjoy a moment of free advertising as the lucky winner shows off their treasured hoodie, stadium seat, or sling bag.

Of the Highest Quality

We don't deal in shoddy workmanship or cheap, tacky trinkets. You can trust Embroidery Graphics to provide efficient, clean needlework and great products that your customers and clients will adore. Our embroidery does not contain extra stitches that exist only to drive up our prices, and we don't employ shortcuts that compromise the look and durability of our end results, either. And because we also offer in-house digitizing services, we can help with the creation of your items every step of the way.

Wherever, Whenever

Need those promotional shirts in a hurry? That's no problem; Embroidery Graphics can fill “rush requests" of fewer than five business days from start to finish. Our high-capacity machines enable us to complete most orders of up to 1500 pieces in as little as 24 hours. Worried about transporting heavy boxes of tablet sleeves and neckties to your convention hotel? Don't be; we have experience working with event planners and can ship your order anywhere in the continental United States. We'll get your products there on-time and in-style, so you can focus on making a great impression on customers and clients!

Embroidery Graphics is your one-stop shop for all of your embroidery and garment customization needs, including wholesale promotional apparel. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!