Screen Printing

Custom embroidery isn't the only way to create a unique garment to promote your business or encourage a sense of unity among your employees. Embroidery Graphix now offers garment printing services! Printed graphics can be a less expensive alternative to sewn-on designs, and—when done with attention to detail in mind—the process can yield gorgeous apparel and accessories, as well.

Classic or Contemporary

At Embroidery Graphix, we offer two different types of screen and shirt printing: traditional screen and direct to garment (DTG).
  • In traditional screen printing, layers of ink are forced through specially-designed mesh stencils (AKA screens) in precise amounts to create a design on the garment. Each color requires a separate screen, and both the stencils and garments must be aligned perfectly in order to achieve optimum results. Screen printing generally produces bold colors and durable images, though extremely complex color designs (e.g., gradients) can be difficult to render properly. Overall, it's a “tried and true" method for garment customization.
  • DTG is similar to printing a photo or document on a piece paper of with a household inkjet printer. Garments are loaded into the machine, and—as the technique's name implies—the design is then literally printed directly onto the fabric. DTG printing is excellent at rendering details and gradients, produces light-weight designs that don't make the garment feel “heavy" to a wearer, and is overall a bit less complicated to set up than screen printing (making it a practical choice for small runs or even one-of-a-kind apparel). However, the results usually aren't as bright or vivid, the designs are slightly less durable, and your choices for garment types and special effects (e.g., metallic, glitter, or glow-in-the-dark ink) is considerably more limited.
As part of the ordering procedure, we'll be happy to advise you as to which technique would be better suited for your project. Whether you decide to go with traditional screen printing or DTG printing, we'll deliver beautiful results!

Create Works of Art with Silk Screen Printing

Garment printing works best with vector graphics, as types of images can be scaled up or down without losing quality. Small hats, full-sized sweatshirts—a vector version of your logo will remain crisp (and the colors will remain true thanks to our color process) no matter how big or how small the design needs to be. If you already have a vector version of your logo on hand, we'll happily use it. If you don't have a vector version of your logo, though (or aren't sure what a “vector graphic" is), then don't fret: our talented team of in-house graphic designers will take care of this process for you. Give us a scalable graphic file on a flash drive or a doodle on a napkin; either way, we'll produce a striking final product using screen printing!

Quality Local Printing

We understand that, when you put the name of your business on a piece of apparel, you're essentially giving that item your “seal of approval." And that's why we don't deal in mediocre workmanship or sloppy techniques - we consider ourselves the best screen printing company in the Metroplex. We also don't put a reduced priority on small orders, thus relegating independently-owned businesses to the backburner. So order six DTG printed t-shirts or six hundred screen-printed tote bags; regardless of the size or nature of your order, we guarantee impeccable, consistent results that you—and your clients, customers, and/or employees—will be proud to show off!

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